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The Tombesi’s family history

The Tombesis among Ferrara, Ravenna, Venice and the Marche

Genealogical signs of the noble family of the Tombesis of Ferrara
I legami con le famiglie Rasponi, Aldobrandini, Malatesta, Da  Montefeltro

The Tombesis to the court of the Estensis of Ferrara

Genealogia della famiglia da Tombesiis Johannis, 1300

Sulpizio Tombesi - musico alla corte di Ferdinando I°

I Tombesi e la Parrocchia S.M. delle Vergini di Macerata

Conte Giuseppe Napoleoni Tombesi - Un tenore figlio d'arte

Jacopo Tombesi, senatore di Ravenna

Ercole Tombesi vescovo di Ravello

The documents Fillonneau
The dott. Emmanuel Fillonneau of Tolosa (FR), grandnephew of Lucille Fillonneau, married Fernand Spitzer, one of the two children of Helen Tombesi del Poggio, been born in City of Mexico in 1867, only daughter of the Count Joseph Napoleone Tombesi, been born to Macerata in 1833 and dead to Paris in 1903, he has sent us some documents very exceptional on the history of our family, among which the heraldic coats of arms and the genealogical tree from 1300 to 1800, where is underlined with certainty the descent of our lineage from Giacomo Tombesi (1369), but still backer, through my searches, from Jacobus Tobesiis (1252).
Thanks to these heraldic studies effected in 1874 by the cav. Giovanni Battista of Crollalanza, native of Fermo, on commission of the same Count Joseph Napoleone, has been able to personally check the correspondences of the descents, through the consultation of the parish books as the transfer of Girolamo Alfonso Tombesi, child of Giambattista (name that will repeat him for generations and that my grandfather also brought), from Ferrara to Recanati from where our branch is propagated both to Macerata, both in the neighboring centers (Montecassiano, Appignano, Montefano, Treia, Montelupone, Potenza Picena etc...).
All the received information will carefully be checked and coordinates and inserts in this site disposition web of whoever.
A felt thanks to the dott. Fillonneau.